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About Al-dabbagh group

Since its founding days, Al-Dabbagh Group has had the concept of ‘Giving’ at its heart. They believe in giving that is effective, strategic and driven by impact. Al-Dabbagh operate four independent philanthropic initiatives that, when combined, support their mission to improve the lives of millions of people around the world.

The Al-Dabbagh Giving initiatives operate without preference for religion, creed or belief. Giving is driven by a strong belief in the relationship between the capacity to earn and the desire to give.

Stars Foundation

Stars Foundation, the first strategic giving initiative, was founded in 2001 to transform the lives of disadvantaged children and their communities globally.  Stars Foundation’s Award programmes support strong locally-led civil society organisations responding to the needs of underserved children. Stars offers its awardees unrestrited funding, capacity building support and helps them amplify their messages to broaden their visibility and access other sector leaders and funders. Stars’ goal is to support the lives of 20 million children and their communities by 2020.

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Philanthropy University

Access to capacity building and professional development is a common challenge for NGOs and our second giving initiative focuses on filling that gap. Philanthropy University’s goal is to provide leaders in the social sector access to training and support to deepen their impact. Philanthropy University is a free, online non-degree granting education initiative powered by Berkeley-Haas and sponsored by Philanthropy U (a non-profit entity wholly owned by Al-Dabbagh Group).  The Philanthropy University offers courses taught by leading educators and practitioners.  The initiative has a bold vision to support the lives of 100 million people worldwide by 2020 by training thousands of NGO leaders to build capacity, grow their networks and collectively change the world.

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The Philanthropreneurship Forum

In the third giving initiative, we offer a community for networking, sharing and identifying best practices in philanthropy. The Philanthropreneurship Forum explores the dynamics of creative philanthropy, and how its practice can catalyse entrepreneurialism, innovation and cross-sector collaboration to make gains in the fight against global challenges. The annual Forum brings together global leaders from philanthropy, development, academia, government and the private sector to critically examine how to achieve social impact, ensure sustainability and deliver scalable progress for communities around the world.

Game-Changing Initiatives

In Al-Dabbagh Group’s earning platforms, the Game-Changing Initiatives, the fourth philanthropic activity, implements programmes designed to be scalable, impactful, sustainable and of a game-changing nature. These programmes represent one element of the 4 Ps – People, Profit, Planet and Philanthropy- investing in innovative solutions and ideas that help alleviate some of the world’s most pressing development challenges. This is done by aligning Al-Dabbagh Group companies’ individual activities with global centres of excellence and technical expertise.

The Al-Dabbagh Giving initiatives give without preference for religion, creed or belief. The Giving is driven by a strong belief in the relationship between the capacity to earn and the desire to give. This matters to the individual but it also matters to the world. The collective aim of these four initiatives is to have measurable impact for a better world.

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