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Philanthropreneurship is a creative and entrepreneurial approach to philanthropy; it is giving that disrupts the status quo.  Philanthropreneurship is one of the key pillars of Omnipreneurship, an entrepreneurial approach to building and living a meaningful and better life. An omnipreneur takes an entrepreneurial approach to every aspect of life–work, finance, philanthropy, family, community & society, spirituality, and more.

An omnipreneur is committed to building a better world.

A new generation of philanthropists are embracing the concept of omnipreneurship. They are stepping forward to contribute their creativity and entrepreneurial skills to address global challenges. Entrepreneurial philanthropists or “philanthropreneurs” around the world are bringing their business acumen to the world of philanthropy to help social enterprises and not-for-profits to be more efficient and impactful.

The Philanthropreneurship Forum was established under the leadership of His Excellency Amr Al-Dabbagh in 2014. Through the Annual Forum, the Philanthropreneurship Prize and Impact+, this initiative aims to foster a new generation of philanthropreneurs and to champion new ways of thinking about philanthropy and development.

The Philanthropreneurship Forum

The annual Philanthropreneurship Forum is a global, multi-sectoral gathering to foster innovation and cross-sector collaboration in a bid to make gains in the fight against global challenges.

The 2017 Forum will convene January 16, 2017 in Vienna, Austria under the theme “Generation Impact: Harnessing the Power of Giving. Previous Forums convened in Versailles (2015) and London (2014).

The Philanthropreneurship Prize

The Philanthropreneurship Prize is an annual award that honors and recognizes an organization or an individual who has successfully implemented a groundbreaking approach to bring wealth and expertize together to solve key global challenges.  President Bill Clinton was presented the inaugural Philanthropreneurship Prize in 2014 for his work with the Clinton Global Initiative. Mr. Paul Polman, Chief Executive Officer of Unilever, was presented the 2015 Philanthropreneurship Prize for leading transformational change in the way we think about corporate and personal responsibility.. The next laureate will be announced at the 2017 Philanthropreneurship Forum on January 16, 2017 in Vienna, Austria.


Impact+ brings together a hand-picked selection of cutting-edge news, latest trends, expert insights and best practice linked to creative approaches that are disrupting philanthropy, as we know it.