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In what feels like a blink of an eye, we’ve arrived to the month of September, leaving us with one last quarter of the year to achieve our goals both personal and professional. Over the course of the summer, I spent a lot of time thinking about what I have to do to ensure this last stretch continues to be meaningful and delivers the kind of impact that I always strive for. And time and again, when I come face to face with my goals, I find they always concern the wellbeing of others – my family, my work colleagues, my community and humanity at large. I am then reminded of the great quote by Lewis Carroll who once said, “One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth doing is what we do for others”.

It is a known truth that we are stronger when we work together but the hard part is ensuring that your stakeholders – beneficiaries, partners, collaborators, end-users – whatever you wish to call them, remain satisfied.

Omnipreneurship’s rule of Delight the Stakeholder dovetails beautifully with that of The Greatest Among You, which shines a light on the importance of gathering the best possible people around you to help you attain your highest goals. When you attract people who share your values—particularly the values of service to others—the core of your relationship must be built on both respect and trust.

If there were a bottom line to be defined when Delighting the Stakeholder, it would be to aim to be a servant leader. Invest in your connection to and belief in your stakeholders. View them as lifelong partners. Unleash your creativity by asking “what if?” questions. When you do, you activate your capacity to delight, and speed faster on the path to your ambitious finish line.

As I wrote in the book ‘Omniprenuership’, “A servant leader is different from what most of us envision when we think of business leaders. Far too many business leaders are chest-thumpers, focused on their market ratings and touting their egos without much of a care to how their employees or customers are doing. By contrast, a servant leader cares about others. In a 1970 essay in which he coined the phrase “servant leader,” Robert Greenleaf described such a person as very different from someone who sees him or herself as a leader first. While the traditional leader may be driven by a lust for personal power or possessions, a servant leader has different motivations.”

In this fast-changing world, we must continuously identify new ways to Delight the Stakeholder. For members of my senior leadership team, I always remind them of four key ideas to keep top of mind:

  1. Keep it simple, powerful and effective. The best ideas are not necessarily complex or expensive ones but instead can be simple and straightforward.
  2. Look to defining how you can differentiate yourself from competition by delighting your stakeholders in unique and effective ways that allow you to stand out and show innovative thinking.
  3. It’s important to define and prioritise your stakeholders so you know how and when to address and delight them and to understand them intimately.
  4. You must look at things from the lens of each segment of your stakeholders– what are their priorities? What would make their life easier? Make them happier? 

To support our teams and omnipreneurs all over the world looking to lead meaningful lives, we created the Omnipreneur App – yet another way to delight the stakeholder – which has features that support users in building their Life Plans, Execution Dashboards, a reporting system and access to mentors.

As the late, great Muhammad Ali once famously said, “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”

Amr Al-Dabbagh is CEO of the Al-Dabbagh Group, which operates 62 companies in 60 countries employing over 15,000 men and women around the world. Follow him on Twitter at @theomnipreneur. For more information on The Greatest Among You and the other components of Omnipreneurship, you can buy the book, Omnipreneurship, now available for Kindle and in hardback on Amazon.