Philanthropreneurship Forum Alert

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“Bring this community of passionate leaders together to build a better world; that is the raison d’être of this Forum”, stated His Excellency Amr Al Dabbagh in his opening remarks at the 2015 Philanthropreneurship Forum in Versailles, France. For His Excellency, cross-sector collaboration is vital to shape the future of philanthropy and sustainable development.

For Dr. Chelsea Clinton, who also attended the Forum, “unlikely partners are key to changing mindsets and bringing sustainable change”. During a discussion with Dr. Laura Tyson, she urged more collaboration between the public and private sectors for stronger, sustainable impact. The Clinton Foundation’s partnership with the fast-food chain McDonalds is a shining example of how an “unlikely partnership” is helping tackle obesity in the United States.

Engaging the Future Leaders of Philanthropy

A common call during the opening session was to engage and cultivate the tech-savvy generation Y to become responsible future business and social leaders. Contrary to what many people believe, “millennials are really engaged and dedicated to do a difference,” noted Dr. Clinton, “they are just engaged in different ways than their parents were.”

For Ms. Dati, “Youth is the great challenge of the 21st century”. According to the French politician, a joint effort between businesses, NGOs and governments is vitally necessary to give young adults the chance to fulfill their ambitions and find the jobs they deserve. “Let’s go beyond statements of intent, it’s our collective responsibility”, she added.