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Kate Silverton is a highly accomplished, versatile and popular broadcaster. An experienced journalist she has won plaudits for her reporting in Iraq, and is no stranger to conflict, having covered several of the world’s troubled and beleaguered regions, including reporting from the front line in Afghanistan.

Kate regularly anchors the main Six and Ten o’clock news bulletins for the BBC. She also broadcasts on BBC Radio 4.

Kate is a keen conservationist and her work in this field saw her securing an exclusive interview with His Royal Highness, The Duke of Cambridge who gave her a rare and extremely candid interview about his anger over the current levels of rhino poaching in Africa. Her documentary drew support and praise from the United Nations conservation team.

Kate has travelled extensively throughout Africa and the Middle East as well as parts of the Far East and Europe.  Her first journey saw her living on a Kibbutz in Israel before hitch-hiking her way across the country to meet people living in the Palestinian Territories – a journey that saw her shot at and teargassed. She lived with Bedouin in the desert in Egypt and survived being drugged and robbed in the former Yugoslavia. At 19 she volunteered as a venturer with  Operation Raleigh (now Raleigh International) and travelled to Zimbabwe where she helped build schools, lavatories and contributed to field studies – being charged by an elephant and stung by a scorpion in the process! These experiences; immersing herself within hugely disparate cultures around the globe; have continued to prove the driving force for her reporting both in the UK and abroad.

Kate attributes her love of Africa specifically to Wilbur Smith, having read Elephant Song and The Burning Shore as a teenager she became an avid fan and recently named her young son Wilbur after the great man himself!

Kate graduated from the University of Durham with a BSc in Psychology, specialising in child development. Before that she studied Islam and Arabic and Middle Eastern history.

Kate met her husband Mike Heron, a former Royal Marine, while on a course training her how to cope in “hostile environments”. They have a daughter, Clemency Florence Rose and son Wilbur Ernest George.