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His Excellency Mr. Shaukat Aziz was elected as Prime Minister of Pakistan and served from 2004 – 2007, following five years as Finance Minister from 1999. His policies were based on the principals of liberalization, deregulation and privatization, accompanied by strong regulatory oversight.  Mr. Aziz’s tenure was marked by high economic growth, increase in per capita income, reduction in poverty, an upsurge in investments and improved debt and economic indicators. Mr. Aziz offers an expert view and is a frequent speaker on the challenges facing the world including structural reforms, diplomacy, geopolitics and security. Mr. Aziz is a member of several boards and advisory boards of various commercial and non-profit entities around the world.  Mr. Aziz’s new book, ‘From Banking to the Thorny World of Politics’, was released on May 26th 2016 and is available on

After graduating from Gordon College, Rawalpindi in 1967, Mr. Aziz gained a MBA degree from the Institute of Business Administration, University of Karachi.