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According to Ms Gargi Banerji, founding member of the Indian NGO PRAGYA, philanthropreneurs‘ long-term vision and eagerness to find solutions to concrete problems makes them key partners for impact.

In this video Garji Banerji talks about the support her NGO received from philanthropreneurs and how their long-term vision and risk-taking attitude helped her organisation bring sustainable change“… for PRAGYA to be efficient, we had to innovate. And we would have not been able to do it without philanthropreneurs”.

Since 1995 PRAGYA has benefited more than 400,000 people in several disadvantaged communities in India, Nepal and Kenya, providing them with services in education, health, livelihoods, energy, water and sanitation, carried out humanitarian services reaching out to thousands of disaster-affected people, and has also contributed significantly to public policy.

Gargi Benarji was a speaker at the 2015 Philanthropreneurship Forum in Versailles, France.