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For His Excellency Amr Al-Dabbagh,Chairman and CEO of Al Dabbagh Group and Founding Chairman of the Philanthropreneurship Forum, now, more than ever we need giving that disrupts the status quo.

Gone are the days when global do-gooders would hand over a blank check and walk away. A new kind of philanthropy is taking hold across the globe. It is a multidisciplinary philanthropy infused with new levels of strategic thinking, business discipline and entrepreneurial know-how.

Today’s best-known philanthropists are in fact philanthropreneurs. They combine altruism with entrepreneurship to ensure that their investments yield long-lasting impact. They focus on results and are ready to take risks to develop innovative solutions to solve problems and even transform the way they do business.

And our connected world offers unprecedented ways to connect like-minded individuals eager to put their entrepreneurial skills, network, creativity and influence to make a change.

The Philanthropreneurship Forum intends to further advance this new way of giving. His Excellency Amr Al-Dabbagh’s vision is to leverage the Forum “to create an international dialogue and even a movement about new ways of giving and contributing in a personal and corporate level to address global challenges.”

Furthermore, giving is no longer a commitment confined to the global haut monde. “Anyone can be a philanthropreneur at their own level to contribute and help others”, says His Excellency Al-Dabbagh. If we wish to achieve social impact, ensure sustainability and deliver scalable progress, we need “to reject the notion that entrepreneurship is synonym with  profit.”

According to His Excellency Al-Dabbagh, the world needs leaders who are capable and committed. “Omnipreneurs” who can fix broke systems that favor inequity and poverty over equity and opportunity. His new book Omnipreneurship is for everyone. It offers principles, values and ten golden rules designed to help leaders in all walks of life – from governprenuers, familyprenuers, businesspreneurs, faithprenuers to philanthropreneurs.

Today there are more and more individuals committed to make a difference. And philanthropreneurs’ results-based and risk-taking mindset can be a source of inspiration for many to transform the way they we do business and social good.