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This year, the Philanthropreneurship Forum has partnered with Austrian pop artist Andreas Reimann to illustrate the role of giving in our everyday lives – personally and professionally.

For Reimann, a philanthropist is someone who is a “friend of humanity, someone who can be helpful or generous to the future and to other people.”

Through his pop art, Andreas Reimann has captivated the attention of thousands, including young people or future do-gooders of our world. “There are so many young people who don’t believe in the future,” says Reimann “therefore my artwork at the Philanthropreneurship Forum will be to give hope to the future generations; to reflect positivity and faith in a better tomorrow.”

For the Austrian artist, philanthropy goes beyond money. “Philanthropy is also about being generous towards people, the planet and maybe even more importantly, being generous with one’s time. Time is maybe the most expensive thing to give because nobody has time,” he says. Reiman hopes his legacy at the 2017 Philanthropreneurship Forum in Vienna Forum will be to tell a story about being good, to inspire and to contribute to our world as Philanthropreneurs.

You can see more of Andreas Reimann’s artwork here.