Philanthropreneurship Forum Alert

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This year, the Philanthropreneurship Forum has partnered with Austrian artist Helmut Grill to illustrate new forms of giving and philanthropy.

Question: Please tell us about the artwork that you are developing for the 2017 Philanthropreneurship Forum.

Answer: The masterpiece is aligned with my personal style of digital collages. I have created the« Temple of Philanthropy» – an image that shows the interior of a holy place but without focusing on a particular religion. For this piece I used existing “temples”. I replaced all original religious characters with different symbols of our world.

I chose the phrase “Teach Them To Fish For Us” as the central piece of this image. The sentence is written on the six pillars of the building. There are many other messages that lie hidden in the artwork that viewers will have to discover and decipher on their own.

Question: How does this particular artistic work illustrate your vision of philanthropreneruship?

Answer: The sentence “Teach Them To Fish For Us” reflects my vision of philanthropreneurship because for me, philanthropreneurship must be an endless cycle of giving and taking. Those who receive more “fish” should pass on some to those who have little or none. I believe that a true culture of giving will set in as soon as those who give stop expecting something in return. It is also important to note that there is no judgment in this temple, all elements are mixed together and co-exist, just like in the world of philanthropreneurship.

The visual I am developing for the Philanthropreneurship Forum also depicts walls: the wall on the right symbolizes the economy while the one on the left reflects spirituality. Economy and spirituality are two key ingredients that are important for philanthropreneurship.

Question: How do you think your masterpiece illustrates today’s culture of giving?

Answer: I am not sure if this piece is representative of the current culture of giving. In fact it represents what the way it should be: a place where everyone and everything can co-exist in a culture of giving without being judged. It represents unity in all forms: opinions, cultures, politics, religions and societies.

Question: How do you think your artistic work can inspire individuals’ potential to do good?

Answer: I just hope it does!

You can see more of Helmut Grill’s artwork here.