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Our future is full of challenges and opportunities. There is a new kind of philanthropy taking hold across the globe. It is a new culture of giving and social investment – a multidisciplinary philanthropy infused with new levels of strategic thinking, business discipline and entrepreneurial know how. Philanthropreneurship is an over-arching idea about solving global problems and is about innovation, responsibility and a smarter way to do business.

In this connection it is a great pleasure for me to host this year’s Philanthropreneurship Forum in Austria. This Forum shows that more and more people around the world truly care about the impact of our political, economic and social acting. A new generation of thinkers – the so called generation impact – does have ingenious ideas and is willing to put these into practice. Altruism, responsibility and an ambitious entrepreneurial spirit combined with the courage to start something new are particularly essential.

This Forum is an excellent platform to bring expertise and common values together and to examine ways of bringing impact, sustainability and scale to philanthropy. It will explore how generation impact is transforming innovative thinking into concrete practices for tangible global gains. In times like these we need innovators and those with entrepreneurial approaches to giving. They are the backbone of society and economy and contribute to the creation of wealth and social stability in our world.

More and more governments are exploring new ways to leverage philanthropic assets and to advance innovative solutions to public problems, especially since they are compelled to do more with less. For this reason and as a member of the Austrian government it is my duty to foster these visions, to encourage collaboration and to work for philanthropreneurial, innovative and sustainable goals. We can support this new emergence of philanthropreneurs by mobilizing business and entrepreneurial skills to accelerate the solutions needed to bring ourselves and our world back into better balance.

I would like to strengthen Austria`s position as an innovative country, especially for philanthropreneurs. I see it as my mission to do everything to make Austria a fruitful business location on the ever more competitive international stage. Therefore we need platforms like the Philanthropreneurship Forum and we do need people of the generation impact. They are worth to be supported with all our efforts – and so we do.

The Philanthropreneurship Forum is nationally and internationally important and is a great opportunity to network and to debate strategies that blend the best of old and promising new systems for broader, measurable impact. For a more resilient and equitable word, we need everyone at one table and we must work together. It will take an ecosystem of philanthropists, campaigners, policy makers, civil society and social movements to solve global problems. We should take the chance to interact and to exchange ideas across borders.